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Silver Cousler

Gan Shan West Chef de Cuisine

Silver Cousler is Gan Shan West’s Chef de Cuisine. A locally acclaimed chef—formerly of Buxton Hall, The Admiral, Bull and Beggar, Cucina 24, and Mission Chinese—Cousler moved to the Asheville area from Portland, Oregon at the age of 21 and got their start in the culinary world washing dishes at a small Japanese restaurant. But when Cousler wanted to step into the kitchen, the chef at that restaurant turned them down. Taking matters into their own hands, Cousler decided to enroll in AB-Tech’s culinary school and never looked back.

Cousler’s love of food comes from their mom, who is Filipino, and they are inspired by the many trips the two have taken to the Philippines over the years. Working at the helm of Gan Shan West is what Cousler calls their “final stepping stone” before achieving their dream of opening their own Filipino restaurant. 

When they aren’t cooking in the kitchen, Cousler is cooking, collaborating, and doing food and wine pop-ups with their partner Jerry, who Cousler says is a “huge inspiration.”